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BOM likes t-shirt

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Upcycling times the other way round….   This time we have not used discarded materials, we have made sure that the goods are not discarded in the first place! We kept a stock that was planned to be disposed of in front of the shredder, because brand-new goods should not be disposed of!

Mind you, even if it was in stock, these t-shirts are new and unused.

T-shirt from the GIRAV brand

Here are some features of our t-shirts:

The T-shirts are "long fit", i.e. 6cm longer than conventional T-shirts and thus hide the area above the waistband (or in other words, the construction workers' décolleté ;-) when bending and stretching. So perfect for women and men who love slightly longer t-shirts.

This t-shirt is ideally washed inside out at a maximum 40 degrees along with other light colored clothing.