Beware of Mainstream

There was once...

the military fabric. Passion for this material is what drives our relentless pursuit of the perfect legacy.

The basic material of our collection are used military duffel bags and tents. Each of these materials differs from others in terms of color, texture and appearance. Some have been patched, some have been repaired with plasters, and some of them have their names immortalized. Every piece of fabric tells its own story!

And now...

Beware of mainstream creates fashion for people who live their own way of life.
Beware of mainstream is not just a brand that sets you apart from the crowd.
Beware of mainstream is a attitude, is inspiration, is a statement


We are a small tailor-art blacksmith's shop. Every piece of ours Collection is individually and lovingly handcrafted.
"Take your second chance" - together with Designer Ulrike Janich we give discarded materials a second life. We also take on the character of the material in the processing, use harness and zippers we brought with us, integrate and mend signs of use in our design, opt for open edges ...
In this way we create unique items for people who have their own lifestyle, who make a statement and also communicate it to the outside world.

Our future...

We are not and will not be part of the dirty fashion industry! The fashion of Beware of mainstream is and remains sustainability. A better future always begins with ourselves. We live sustainability in our unique pieces. This is our mission.

We give discarded materials a second life and let them inspire us for our sustainable fashion and accessories that follow the zeitgeist and become a lifelong companion.

Beware of Mainstream

make a statement - be YOU!